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Sage Trout Schools

The Sage Trout School is the ultimate educational course to improve an angler’s trout fishing. The school combines on-site instruction and education with on-the-water guided fishing, for a holistic approach to learning and improving your fly fishing for trout.  

The location – Sage Lodge in Paradise Valley, Montana – is paramount, offering easy access to several different fly fishing venues: the Yellowstone River, the famous Paradise Valley spring creeks, and Yellowstone National Park. Students will have guided fishing days in three distinct methods – from a drift boat, walk-and-wade fishing on a freestone river, walk-and-wade fishing on a spring creek – with location-specific instruction prior to each.  

The School’s format is a mix of presentations and discussions, instruction, and guided fishing. Venue-specific educational modules prepare students for the following day’s instruction and fishing.

September 29th
to October 4th
2019 Trout Schools: $4,495.00
Single Occupancy: $4,995.00
9 - Available - Inquire

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