Reserve a Trip: Speywater 2018

Spey Water Lodge & Floats  
If the name of this lodge seems biased, wait until you meet the guides! Located on the Grande Ronde River, near Troy, Oregon, this low-key, high-value operation is where some of the Northwest’s finest steelheaders and spey casters congregate for a final month of guiding and instruction. Renowned spey instructor Scott O’Donnell heads a crew of diehard steelhead guides who love the Ronde and the steelhead it sustains. As much a spey casting and fishing school as a hard-charging guiding operation, this is the best place we know of to learn the art of spey casting and improve your swing fishing skills. Now offering three distinct options on different sections of river and encompassing multiple seasons, Speywater Lodge continues to improve and impress.


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